Beth Cohen tells big, meaningful stories for clients doing their part to make the world a better place. She believes in honesty, hard work, creativity, and a little magic.

For six years, she served as Director of Media at PopTech, developing editorial strategy, setting up content teams to run like clockwork, and producing multimedia stories about initiatives across the globe. She considers it an honor to have partnered with organizations ranging from small NGOs to large corporations.

Today she works with a team of writers, cinematographers, animators, musicians, editors, and hopefully you. She loves what she does. Every bit of it.


First, we collaborate with you to get to the heart of the story. Then we ensure that everything we make stays true to it.


We take care of all logistics before, during and after the shoot, and then we love getting our boots muddy.


We mine your footage for gold, then weave in music, written word and animation, bringing your story to life.


We build a launch strategy to get audiences to watch, participate and share.